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Using Pulsentone Services: Your Guide to Acceptable Use

When you use Pulsentone Services, it's important to follow some rules outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you already have an agreement with Pulsentone, remember that this AUP is part of that agreement.

This policy covers all Pulsentone Services, so it's crucial to understand these rules. Let's break down each point:

Using Pulsentone Services Responsibly

  • No Illegal Activity: You must not use Pulsentone Services for anything illegal or against the law.
  • No Resale: You can't sell or resell Pulsentone Services. It's not meant for making a business out of it.
  • Avoid High-Risk Use: Pulsentone Services may not work in situations where there's no power, internet, or network issues. So, don't use it for activities where these disruptions could lead to personal harm.
  • Respect Rights: You can't misuse someone's rights, like their intellectual property, privacy, or display Pulsentone's logos without permission.
  • Protect Minors: It's crucial not to harm or expose minors to inappropriate content without their parents' permission.
  • No Malicious Activity: Sending harmful stuff like viruses or malware is a big no-no.
  • Be Respectful: Don't use Pulsentone Services to threaten, harass, or spread spam or phishing messages. It's important to follow Pulsentone's content guidelines.
  • Be Truthful: Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Using fake caller IDs, addresses, or other tricks is not allowed.
  • No Information Harvesting: You can't collect information from others without their consent or send mass messages without permission. Using Pulsentone Services excessively or in unauthorized ways is also prohibited.
  • No Circumventing Security: Don't try to bypass Pulsentone's security measures or break any laws.
  • No Intercepting: Intercepting, monitoring, or modifying communications or data is not allowed unless you have permission.

Pulsentone MVP Services

These services are for regular business use between individuals and not for high-volume commercial messaging or call centers. In addition to the rules above, here are some specific things you can't do:

1.No Auto-Dialing: You can't use automated dialing or forward your Pulsentone phone number to handle multiple calls simultaneously.

2.Follow Human Operation: Your use of Pulsentone MVP Services should be consistent with typical human operation. Automated tools or sending phishing or spam messages are not allowed.

Remember, this list of rules isn't exhaustive, and these rules apply to everyone using Pulsentone Services, including your employees, clients, and agents.

Pulsentone can take action if someone violates these rules, including suspending or terminating their services without notice.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel services you've purchased from Pulsentone within 30 days of purchase, you won't owe any additional fees beyond the date of cancellation (except for continued usage fees). You'll also receive a partial refund for any prepaid and unused fees related to the canceled services. However, after 30 days, all purchases become non-refundable.

These guidelines are here to ensure that Pulsentone Services are used responsibly and safely. So, always follow them to have a smooth and trouble-free experience.

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