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ACD (Advanced Automatic Call Distribution) PBX

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, handling incoming calls can be a challenge. Missed calls can lead to missed opportunities and potential loss of business. With the Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system from, managing your clients becomes effortless.

Our ACD PBX system features a virtual receptionist who warmly greets your callers. It offers a customizable pre-recorded menu that guides them through various options:

  • Easily move to the next choice that suits their needs.
  • Return to a previous choice and dial an extension.
  • Repeat options and navigate back to the previous menu.
  • Have a call operator act as a digital receptionist.
  • And much more!

Do Not Disturb:

To maintain uninterrupted productivity, our hosted PBX communication system provides the Do Not Disturb feature. It effectively blocks incoming calls, preventing disruptions and allowing you to focus on other important tasks. By limiting incoming calls to reach your extension, you can increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Enjoy a Better Experience with the Do Not Disturb Feature:

Enabling the Do Not Disturb service on our hosted PBX system is straightforward. Simply activate it on your softphone, and it will start blocking incoming calls. You can customize the settings according to your preferences and requirements. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated customer care executives are here to assist you, providing the right solutions from the comfort of your own home.

Choose Pulsentone for advanced ACD PBX solutions and experience seamless call management. Contact us today to optimize your business communications.

Music On Hold

We understand that putting customers on hold is not an ideal situation. It can make them feel undervalued and negatively impact your business. However, sometimes heavy call flow or the need to consult with a supervisor may require you to place a call on hold. That's where the Music On Hold feature of's hosted PBX communication system comes in.

With this feature, you can turn hold time into a pleasant experience for your customers. You have the freedom to choose a business tone that aligns with your brand, and it will play when customers are on hold. By using Music On Hold, you can retain valuable clients and prevent them from being frustrated or losing interest while waiting. It's an opportunity to showcase your business and services, and even promote special offers.

Benefits of Music On Hold:

  • Retain customers and prevent them from hanging up.
  • Promote your business and services during hold time.
  • Increase the chances of selling products or upselling.
  • And much more!

Dial By Name:

To streamline communication between your business and employees, our Virtual PBX system offers a convenient feature called Dial By Name. It allows you to easily reach out to specific employees without any hassle or interruption.

  1. Dial by Name

You can simply enter the first name of the desired employee, and the system will quickly identify and connect you with them.

  1. Dial by Extension

This advanced feature enables you to connect with employees by dialing their extension directly.

Experience seamless communication and efficient call management with's Music On Hold and Dial By Name features. Contact us today to enhance your business communications.

Call Queue Management:

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional PBX systems when it comes to handling multiple incoming calls. In the past, you could only accommodate one call in the waiting queue while others had to endure a busy signal. Dealing with heavy call flow was undoubtedly a challenge. However, at, we provide a reliable solution to tackle this situation effectively.

With our Call Queue Management feature, you can efficiently handle a high volume of incoming calls. No more frustrations for your callers or missed business opportunities. Our system ensures that every call is organized in a queue, allowing you to attend to them in an orderly manner.

Choose for advanced Call Queue Management and experience seamless call handling even during peak times. Contact us today to optimize your business communications.

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